Baroque alto recorder in F, A:403 Hz

Thomas Stanesby Sr. (ca.1668-1734) lived and worked in London. He was a famous woodwind maker. He made recorders and oboes. Just a few instruments he made have survived.

The original alto recorder belongs to Frans Brüggen in Amsterdam. It is made of stained curly boxwood and has a low pitch A:403 Hz. I have played this wonderful instrument. It is very well preserved and still remarkably well in tune. This is why I chose this instrument to make a copy as close to the original as possible, so no adaptations in pitch or fingering system. The articulation of this model is very delicate, so it is not so suitable for virtuoso repertoire, but the sound is extremely warm and round and quite different from the other models so well worth copying.

This alto recorder is very well suited for the sonatas by Händel and the fantasies by Telemann. Also French baroque music works very well on this instrument because of its low pitch and warm sound. If you can persuade your collegues to tune down to A:403.....

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