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As from now my instruments are also available from the Early Music Shop in London! www.earlymusicshop.com, check availability Oliver.Winstone@earlymusicshop.com.

David Coomber, the renowned New Zealand recorder maker, has recently started a new carreer and therefor has decided to slow down recorder making until further notice. His semi-hand made Fern alto recorders, which have been drilled, reamed and turned in his workshop, are now finished and sold by me. They are high quality instruments, Bressan model, to start with only in A:440 Hz, in bubinga and stained or unstained maple wood.
Price, inclusive of all service work and life time guarantee: € 1.000,- incl. of VAT
For more details e.g. on availability, see For sale or send me an email: jacqueline@sorel-recorders.nl

Finally my sopranino is there! I have chosen a Dutch original, a very sweet and elegant instrument by Abraham van Aardenberg, collection Haags Gemeneetemuseum/Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.
Available in grenadilla (€ 1.100,00 incl. VAT, € 909,10 excl. VAT) and boxwood (€ 1.000,00 incl. VAT, € 826,45 excl. VAT).
For different woods or legal ivory please contact me.

Sopraninos recorder collection

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