Sopranino recorder after A. van Aardenberg, A:415 Hz


Abraham van Aardenberg (Amsterdam, 1677-1717) was an apprentice of Richard Haka. He made recorders, flutes, oboes and bassoons. This sopranino is in the collection of the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague and looks very much like the alto’s that van Aardenberg made, with the characteristic angular, ‘Dutch” shape and wide window.

This ‘mini-alto’ has a sweet sound which attracted me to use it as a model for my sopranino. The instrument has a remarkable silver ring at the bottom end (which I leave out, as it has no influence on the sound of the instrument).



grenadilla, coromandel: € 1.250 incl. 21% VAT, € 1.033 excl. VAT

boxwood: € 1.100 incl. 21% VAT, € 909 excl. VAT


Inclusive of thumb bushing, soft case and service