Baroque alto recorder after T. Stanesby, A: 415 and A:403 Hz


Thomas Stanesby senior (ca. 1668-1734) lived and worked in London, where he was one of the leading woodwind makers. He made recorders and oboes. Unfortunately, not many of his instruments have survived.

The original to ‘my’ Stanesby alto belongs to Frans Brüggen’s collection in Amsterdam. It is made of stained curly boxwood and has a low pitch A:403 Hz. I have played this wonderful instrument, it is very well preserved and still remarkably well in tune. This is why I think this instrument works best at original pitch, as close to the original as possible, so no adaptations in pitch or fingering system. However, the recorder is too beautiful not to make a 415-version as well, so that it is more accessible for ‘modern’ players.

The articulation of this model is very delicate, so it is not so suitable for virtuoso repertoire, but the sound is extremely warm and round and quite different from any other alto I know.






rosewoods (also grenadilla), coromandel: € 1.795 incl. 21% VAT, € 1.483,50 excl. VAT

boxwood and other woods:  € 1.750 incl. 21% VAT, € 1.446,30 excl. VAT


Inclusive of soft case, thumb bushing and unlimited service