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Warranty and service

All instruments are delivered with a soft case. For all of my instruments there’s a recorder-life-time warranty on material and craftswork, provided that the instrument has been played and taken care of in a correct way. Instructions for breaking-in and maintenance are provided at the delivery of your instrument. Service work is done after contacting me in order to plan the work efficiently. Return postage costs are always paid by the customer.

I do not do any revision-, revoicing- or retuning work etc. on instruments made by other makers or factory instruments, apart from placing thumb bushings (€ 50) and sterling silver thumb rests (€ 35).



There are various ways for you to have revision- or service work done on your instrument and obviously you are free to chose whoever you like to do the work for you. However, if you decide to have someone else than me to do any work on instruments made by me, I have to point out that my warranty is no longer valid. I can then still do the revision- and service work for you, but at the necessary costs, depending on what I need to do.


Borrowing a recorder

If you would need an instrument before the delivery time of your own recorder, for instance for a concert, recital, audition, course, in principle I offer you the possibility of lending you a recorder of the model you ordered for that particular occasion; the sooner I know the better of course, as the number of instruments I have available for this purpose is limited.

This is a special service – no guarantee that I can always provide you with a loan-instrument.


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