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New website for my baroque oboes!



  • I have recently branched out to baroque oboe making! A long existing wish come true. Of course I learned to play the instrument first, as my motto is “only make the instruments you can play”. I’m making a copy of an instrument by Cornelius Sattler, a Leipzig maker at Bach’s time in that city. It’s very likely that Sattlers instruments have been used to play the cantatas and other works by Bach.
  • View my new website:
  • The early music festivals and exhibitions that I intended to attend with my instruments unfortunately have been cancelled this year. However, this means that I have a small stock of recorders immediately available now. So if you are looking for a nice new instrument, take your chance!
  • Available now: 2 Basic alto’s A:415, one in satin wood and one in kingwood (a one-off); 2 Terton soprano’s A:415, one in boxwood and one in stained maple wood; one Stanesby Sr alto A:415 in grenadilla.




  • Due to the corona virus the recorder making course will unfortunately only take place once this year, with reservation. Dates will be 26/10 – 31/10/2020. Do send me an email for more information!

This is what the students say:

Jacqueline Sorel’s recorder building course was a very special way for me to dig deeper into this instrument. Under the expert and enthusiastic leadership of Jacqueline I was initiated in all steps of the construction, from woodturning to voicing and tuning. A guaranteed way to get to know all the ‘angles and holes’ of this instrument is to build one yourself. Together with a fellow student a great week that ended with a high quality recorder. Recommended!” E. van Dijk.

“Under expert guidance I spent a week making an alto recorder. Particularly to be able to follow the whole process of the making and especially to be allowed to do it yourself.
In a pleasant atmosphere we have been working for six days and the result is great !!
” J. Melis.