Latest news from my workshop



  • New recorder making course data for 2019! After a year of 5 successful recorder making courses, I’m happy to announce the schedule for the new year. Don’t wait too long before you make your booking; your place might be taken!
  • 25/2 – 2/3,  13/5 – 18/5,  12/8 – 17/8,  28/10 – 2/11.



  • I’m now working on a baroque tenor recorder in A:440 Hz. It will most likely be an instrument without keys, as many of you requested. Follow my website or send me an email if you’re interested!



The first recorder making course was a great succes! Hard work, a lot to learn and two happy students with a nice new alto recorder.

This is what the students say:

Jacqueline Sorel’s recorder building course was a very special way for me to dig deeper into this instrument. Under the expert and enthusiastic leadership of Jacqueline I was initiated in all steps of the construction, from woodturning to voicing and tuning. A guaranteed way to get to know all the ‘angles and holes’ of this instrument is to build one yourself. Together with a fellow student a great week that ended with a high quality recorder. Recommended!” E. van Dijk.

“Under expert guidance I spent a week making an alto recorder. Particularly to be able to follow the whole process of the making and especially to be allowed to do it yourself.
In a pleasant atmosphere we have been working for six days and the result is great !!
” J. Melis.